Matto artist

MattO is a European born singer, songwriter and a producer of folk-rock, rock-pop and dance music.

He manages and produces mainly rock and pop artists in the US, Europe and South America. MattO  likes working behind the scenes.

Throughout his career he experimented with variations of rock music, from blues-rock and hard rock to folk-rock and country rock.

He was also influenced in his early years by the Italian cantautori scene of the seventies and eighties.

MattO does not forget the melody in his songs and always touches with his texts topics of close relevance often related to social and daily life.

“The Future of your Past” his latest album is now available  –  visit your web site

The art work of the album and CD single was done by another long-time friend of MattO’s, Diego Tortini Fotografia

CD SINGLE FROM  “The Future of Your Past”

1. The Future of Your Past

2. Strongman

3. What’s There To Learn

4. Looking For Love

5. Next in Line

6 Vasco da Gama

In 2016 MattO decided to release his first own album, Man From Yesterday. The album is a collection of very personal and intimate songs that talk about love – fulfilled and unfulfilled, about life and the World we live in. The songs were written by MattO between 2012 and 2015, a period of transition in the life of the artist, in the rock and folk-rock tradition of the sixties and seventies: retro rock with a distinct live feeling.

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